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From sub-contract engineers to a truly innovative industrial company.

Formed in the 1970ís as a manufacturing sub-contractor to the vehicle, locomotive and mining industries. Based initially on prototype development and precision engineering.

It soon became evident that further services were needed by our customers. So started the constant and ongoing development of our expertise and capabilities. This included the planned expansion of our manufacturing facilities, the result being the ability to undertake larger and more complex projects.

Expertise in manufacturing and the experience built up by prototype development combined to present Polydon a unique advantage, the ability to take an idea, from concept through design and development into a final product, and most importantly, market and support that product successfully.

Today Polydon Industries are operating in various international markets from our 5 acre site.

Utilising our state-of-the-art equipment, together with the expertise, experience and most importantly, the dedication of our highly skilled staff, combined with continual training to the highest degree ensuring our standards never slip, a fact reinforced by the companies International Quality Standard Accreditation.

Polydonís policy of continued expansion and investment ensures our high standards of manufacturing excellence is available and used by companies all over the world.

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